Debbie Heustice

Organisation: info4africa
Email: /
Cell: 071 624 2255 / 031 260 2975

Debbie Heustice is Chair of KZNCSOC and Director of info4africa. info4africa specialises in linking the public and health service organisations to support services across South Africa. The info4africa database contains over 15 000 health, wellbeing and development support organisations from all sectors. Info4africa also maintain the KZNCSOC database – all organisations are searchable online at as well as via info4africa facebook messenger and the info4africa app. Info4africa also created SA Voices HIV Museum, the first museum of HIV in South Africa. Debbie is passionate about KZNCSOC as by coming together NGOs have a powerful, collective voice to engage multiple stakeholders on topics of mutual interest and hold government accountable. Together we can support one another for a better South Africa.