KwaZulu-Natal Civil Society Coalition (KZNCSOC)

KwaZulu-Natal Civil Society Coalition (KZNCSOC) is a facilitating body harnessing the collective strength and wisdom of civil society to bring forth a changed and life-giving KwaZulu-Natal.


Membership to KZNCSOC is free and open to all civil society organisations that subscribe to its values, mission and objectives; including those that are still in the process of becoming compliant with governmental guidelines. To join the Coalition, complete the membership form :
Membership Form

Benefits to joining KZNCSOC

KZNCSOC is a membership driven and a people centred initiative. Members benefit through sharing of expertise, experiences, resources (skills, knowledge, equipment, etc.), engage its constituencies more effectively, explore new ways to engage Government where it matters most and provide a platform for debate and engagement on matters of common interest. Our elected Executive Committee is dedicated to co-ordinate the activities of KZNCSOC. Learn more about the Exco below.

Executive Committee Members 2017 / 2018

Roles and Responsibilites

See below for details of the KZNCSOC Exec Committee Roles and Responsibilities:


• Chair and ensure regular meetings of the Executive Committee;
• Set the agenda for Executive Committee meetings together with the Vice-Chair;
• Engage with Exco portfolio holders on ongoing activities on the Coalition;
• Monitor the activities of the KZNCSOC Intern;
• Grow the membership of the Coalition;
• Act as the spokesperson for the Coalition;
• Ensure that the Coalition has clear policies, procedures and is compliant.
• Approve financial transactions of the Coalition;
• Ensure that the Executive Committee prepares narrative and financial reports for funders on time.


1. This is a crosscutting role, including liaison & follow Up responsibilities (with the support of the KZNCSOC Intern), including:
• Tracking implementation of mutually agreed activities;
• Follow up on commitments as detailed in minutes of meetings;
• Facilitating and ensuring documents required to facilitate collaboration are disseminated;
• Coordinating, and where needed Chairing, feedback groups of partners and coalition;

2. Deputising for the Chairperson as the spokesperson for the Coalition where necessary.

3. Deputising for the Chairperson at Executive Committee Meetings where necessary.


• The role of the Treasure is to carry out all financial transactions for the Coalition as detailed in the KZNCSOC Financial Policies and Procedures.
• Responsibilities will include maintaining Pastel accounting records, financial reporting and preparation of NPO financial reports on behalf of the Coalition.
• More specifically these responsibilities will include:
o Maintaining all financial transactions using Pastel Accounting including monthly capturing of the cashbook and trial balance on Pastel.
o Maintain supporting documentation for all financial transactions.
o Ensure Pastel fees are paid timeously to ensure continuity of KZNCSOC accounting records from one year to the next.
o Update and backup the previous year’s Pastel Accounting records.
o Obtain quotations from Auditors for the annual financial review/audit.
o Prepare financial accounting documentation (trial balance and cashbooks with relevant supporting documentation) for submission to the Auditors.
o Work with the Auditors to complete the financial review/audit.
o Arrange for relevant meetings between the Auditors and the Executive Committee.
o Ensure that the Auditors submit the draft financial review/audit report for input.
o Ensure that the Audit report is finalised by the Auditors and presented to the Executive Committee within 9 months of the financial year end.
o Be the official representative of the Coalition in all dealings with SA Revenue Services.
o Prepare the annual financial report for DSD within the required DSD reporting timelines (within 9 months of the KZNCSOC financial year end of June each year). Narrative reports to be prepared by Chairperson or relevant mandated EXCO Member.
o Assist with the costing of projects and preparation of budgets for proposals submitted in the name of the Coalition.
o Keep track of due dates for all funded projects and ensure timeous submission of reports to funders. Responsibility for preparation of financial reports for all KZNCSOC grants. Narrative reports to be prepared by Chairperson or relevant mandated EXCO Member.
o Use the email address for all financial correspondence of the Coalition.


1. Finalise and circulate the agendas for meetings, in collaboration with the Chair;

2. Prepare, finalise and circulate minutes of meetings after review of the minutes with the Chair;

3. Work with the KZNCSOC intern to arrange all meeting logistics, including more specifically:
• Prepare and send out the notice of meetings;
• Follow up on meeting attendance/apologies;
• Ensure all logistics relevant to the meeting;

4. NPO Annual Report Submission to Department of Social Development (DSD)
• Work with the EXCO to prepare the Annual Narrative Report for DSD;
• Ensure Treasurer provides DSD financial report;
• A designated member of the Executive (not necessarily the Secretary) will be mandated to send the final narrative and financial report to DSD via on the DSD online portal.

Executive Committee – General

There are a number of areas of responsibility that need to be allocated within the Exco:

(1) Advocacy Campaign Co-Ordination (Ad hoc)
• Sub-Committees and Sub-Committee Chairs will be appointed relevant to Campaigns Identified by Exec.
• Current campaigns include:
o Sub-Committee on Democracy and Governance
o Sub-Committee on Social Development & Welfare
• Chairperson of each Sub-Committee will conduct the following activities:
o Identify and communicate to EXCO (and membership as appropriate) on all matters pertaining to a particular advocacy campaign relevant to mission and vision of the KZNCSOC.
o Coordinate the coalition team that will do the submission of that particular campaign to EXCO and other relevant bodies as appropriate.
o Track the progress of the submission.
o Report back to the Executive about the outcome of submissions to external bodies.

(2) Fundraising & Resource Mobilisation Co-Ordination
• A shared responsibility of all EXCO members to:
o Identifying suitable funders on an on-going basis
o Send funding leads to EXCO and share details with intern who will maintain a list of the possible funders for the Coalition.
o Solicit meetings with identified funders/donors representing KZNCSOC at their events.
o Conceptualise and develop funding proposals;
o Timeous submission of narratives and financial reports to funders;
o Coordinate the partners to implement the projects;
o Updating executive on the progress of funded activities;
o Follow up with intended participants;
o Event coordination for each funded activity.

KZNCSOC Database
• The membership database responsibility has been delegated to info4africa, an EXCO member of the Coalition
• The EXCO member responsible for the membership database will undertake the following activities:
• Maintain membership forms and files;
• Make sure that all membership forms are captured to a database;
• Generate updated lists of membership from the database for correspondence purposes;
• Annual Update of member details.

Annual Conference Record