KwaZulu-Natal Civil Society Coalition (KZNCSOC)

KwaZulu-Natal Civil Society Coalition (KZNCSOC) is a facilitating body harnessing the collective strength and wisdom of civil society to bring forth a changed and life-giving KwaZulu-Natal.


Membership to KZNCSOC is free and open to all civil society organisations that subscribe to its values, mission and objectives; including those that are still in the process of becoming compliant with governmental guidelines. To join the Coalition, complete the membership form :
Membership Form

Benefits to joining KZNCSOC

KZNCSOC is a membership driven and a people centred initiative. Members benefit through sharing of expertise, experiences, resources (skills, knowledge, equipment, etc.), engage its constituencies more effectively, explore new ways to engage Government where it matters most and provide a platform for debate and engagement on matters of common interest. Our elected Executive Committee is dedicated to co-ordinate the activities of KZNCSOC. Learn more about the Exco below.

Roles and Responsibilities

Click here for details of the KZNCSOC Exec Committee Roles and Responsibilities: KZNCSOC Roles & Responsibilities

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