KwaZulu-Natal Civil Society Coalition (KZNCSOC)

Tag Line: KwaZulu-Natal Civil Society Coalition (KZNCSOC)


KwaZulu-Natal Civil Society Coalition (KZNCSOC) is a facilitating body harnessing the collective strength and wisdom of civil society to bring forth a changed and life-giving KwaZulu-Natal.

Mission Statement

To support civil society’s collective commitment to facilitate, promote and implement integrated, sustainable, socio-economic development in KwaZulu-Natal.
  • 1. Justice
  • 2. Inclusivity
  • 3. Integrity
  • 4. Equality
  • 5. Ethical engagement
  • 6. Honesty
  • 7. Accountability
  • 1. To create a platform for harnessing the wisdom and the collective strength of civil society, to promote information sharing, opportunities and learning.
  • 2. To build a voice for civil so.ciety, speaking across sectors and geographical areas.
  • 3. To recruit and maintain membership to the facilitating body.
  • 4. To create a platform to have ongoing dialogues with Government and other relevant stakeholders on matters that concern the Coalition.
  • 5. To advocate for equality in addressing social and developmental needs within KwaZulu-Natal.